Education can reduce inequality?

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    Increased spending on education decreases absolute inequality by making inequality a function of talent and hard work instead of a function of parents' income, talent, and hard work.

    do you guys think inequality can be reduced by education? and also is that possible for everyone in the world to be equally wealthy without socialism?

    comment and thoughts are welcome

    Iwan Chandra
  2. Increasing spending will not help. The education system IMO is very poorly organized. It's too static, too much raw data without providing a infrastructure(database), which would allow the students to effectively match what they learn in school to real-life situations. I think the education doesn't need more funding, it needs a reorganization. Spending money on students who have no wish to learn, isn't going to equalize society, simply makes tax payers complain.
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  4. Spending more money on schools in the U.S. has never worked to increase the quality of education. The government only does two things well, spend money & blow things up. Should they educate are kids?

    Privatizing education is the long term answer to a better education for all. Competition would weed out the bad teachers and the bad schools. Would it be without problems, of course not. This won't happen anytime soon though. The teachers union is the strongest union in the country. Like one member of the teacher's union in Florida, that was against school vouchers said, "Competition isn't good for anyone." When I heard that I said to myself, "WTF! These are the kind of people we have educating today's youth?" For now, Privatizing education is just wishful thinking like the FairTax idea.
  5. Depends on what skin colour you are and where you are. A black skin is a non-starter in London. When l was at University, we forced a change to marking term work and exams against student ID numbers, and you can guess the miracle...all of a sudden it appeared that negroes such as myself were equally endowned, and could produce equally good work.

    Before this turns into a flame war remember that its such irrational behaivour that sucessful trading and investing depends on....:)
  6. I'd also like to add a response to the original question, Can education reduce inequality?

    In the United States, in the year 2007, there is absolutely no excuse for anyone (unless mentally or physically impaired) to live in poverty. For those that take the initiative and truly want to learn and better themselves there will always be a way. Noone else can do it for them. They must take the initiative. And this is simply where much of the problem lies for so many individuals.

    I think the Internet is an incredible gift to mankind and many will take advantage of it, but there will always be that segment of society that will languish due to THEIR OWN DECISIONS. And, unfortunately the rest of us will always pay a portion of our sweat to take care of these people.

    Sorry no PC here.
  7. That's interesting.

    I honestly thought the people of color in the UK had it comparatively better than their American counterparts. I'm not shocked to find out that this isn't true, but I am surprised.

    People here don't understand that while it can appear that everyone operates on the same playing field, that appearance is a huge illusion.

    It is much more difficult to accomplish anything in any given field of endeavor for people of color than it is for their caucasian counterparts. The analogy is like one person is walking through air (what most people consider to be normal), the other is walking through water (doable, but requires much more energy) and it may even get to the point where it's like walking through mud (almost impossible, but you keep going).

    Ultimately, what this process does, from a human standpoint, is force you to develop the tools, resourcefulness and internal strength to accomplish whatever it is you want to do ... in all honesty, it can also leave the side effects of frustration, anger and hatred if you aren't careful.

    In answer to the OP's original question, Can education reduce inequality?, if it is the education of whites, yes it can, otherwise, well, maybe.

    Jimmy Jam
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    the school system needs to change in how they teach people who in most cases will not continue higher education...this is the only way pouring more money into the school system will work...who needs to learn algebra to work as an A/C repairman??? who needs to learn chemistry when they are not going to college to continue their education...I say teach our young technical hands on training which they can apply as soon as they graduate from high school which in turn earns them a nice living...remember the majority do not continue to college and or drop out soon after...peace

    who cares about Earnest Hemingway anyways, how is knowing what he wrote going to put bread on the table?...:p
  9. The obvious question, to me anyways, is:
    Why aren't more parents involved in the education of their children?
    Libraries are free.

  10. There is more to life than just stuffing your stomach pal!
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