Educated HFT software

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  1. Hi,

    What you are going to do with an educated HFT software?


    Share opinions plz
  2. not sure what you mean here...
  3. What part you dont understand here?

    If you are planning/involving in a HFT trading, so you need a complex event processing software.. A coder offers to me to educate one with fees. If you any interested, we can negotiate the coder.

  4. I code software for a living and I have never heard the term 'Educated software'. Mind explaining?
  5. Cured is ok?:) :D
  6. Bob111


    probably some neural network bs

    since it's educated already(no need to teach) then it's suppose to make some money? :p
  7. :D nice
  8. I code projects for clients. I'm familiar with most proprietary trading platforms.
  9. maybe is possible the hft is educate the coder? also, my needs for complex event processing is very similar to the fund of great treasures. if both of these positions hit the mark, then i will be interested.