Editorial (Mine): McCain's Speech Was Pretty Awful

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  1. McCain really lacks charisma, and I almost fell asleep 5 minutes into his speech.

    Not that it matters.

    I don't think these speeches have any predictive value as to the outcomes of elections.

    Most people have already made up their minds. They're fighting over maybe 3% at most of the electorate at this point, with 8 weeks to go.
  2. By next week, McCain will be leading in the polls. You read it here first.

  3. Lucrum


    Not that it matters, but I fell almost asleep before I finished reading this post...zzzzzz
  4. Statistically McInsane is doomed.

    No opposition candidate has come back to win when the leader in the polls is over 50% at this time of campaigning.

    I doubt even rigged voting machines can help the republicans this time around.

    80% americans despise republicans and everything they stand for. 50% know it, the other 30% will figure it out in the next month.

    of course the 20th percentile imbeciles will always be faithful to the party that keeps on promising them a ban on abortion ( even after 8 years of being in the majority)
  5. Actually it seems like a republican broken record playing...

    Emotional smoke and mirrors rhetoric with another weak president in office for republicans. McCain has neither the background, insight or skills to be able to do something on his own. He will be dependent on his counsel, advisors and established strategy-makers. The message McCain foolishly thinks he is bringing is another systemic failure - a comforting blanket of dreams presented to the electorate of illusionary change... in fact a repetition of the previous presidency.

    McCain clearly does not possess the intelligence or abilities to - on his own - analyse, gather information, take an informed decision or organize a viable plan for any action needed, on any level. If the US president's job is to take informed decisions - we can be certain that John McCain will not be the intelligence behind these decisions and his role only symbolic to a gullible public. The guy is obviously very weak, with no skills at motivating or convincing anyone with a bare minimum of education or minimal superficial knowledge - on any topic.

    It is another moron living in a naive bubble of ignorance on his way to the Whitehouse!
  6. You have posted this several times already. I am not sure if you are the author, though I doubt that.

    This is a factless statement, all opinion, which is fine but meaningless execpt to you.

    You can replace the name McCain with any other name and this statement still works, Try Obama, Palin, Biden, Gringinho, Mercor, Snoopy.

    A concept fails if the subject is neutral in the statment
  7. I wrote a slightly different text in another post.
    If I write "John McCain is a simple human" will the concept really fail? Are you really trying, and sure you want, to venture into the realm of logics?

    Are you capable of transforming the semantic meaning of anything we discuss here on ET into something like... say, predicate logic - and then try to prove it? Take a look at Hoare logic, and we can see if you are able to set up a axiom schema - or you might perhaps be interested in a simpler logic like propositional logic. Or else we might look into modal logic and get all relative, or perhaps paraconsistent logic so that we can have contradictions --- or even dialethism so that we can have paradoxes too...

    Please, lets go into the finer workings of logic here, Herrn Gödel...

    And if you're not willing to go into logics, then what was really your point again? Are you a man of blind faith, Mercor?
  8. The GOP convention was all about Obama.

    Attacking him that is.

    The 20th percentile imbeciles are out of work, but never mind that.

    Their favorite god, gays and guns platform is on fire.

    U.S. Economy Probably Lost Jobs in August for an Eighth Month


    These 20th percentile imbeciles live in their own twilight zone.
  9. A concept fails if the subject is neutral in the statment

    I like that observation.
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