Editor: Strike-Through is missing

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by earth_imperator, Jul 14, 2022.

  1. Text editor: strike-through is missing
    Ie. striking through a marked text, instead of deleting it.

    Available: Bold. Italic, Underscore
    Missing: Strike-Through
  2. Overnight


    Incorrect, it is there under the PLUS symbol.

    imperatorstrike symbol.JPG
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  3. Someone (on my ignore list :D) replied that strike-through is under the "+" menu.
    Then case solved, case closed.
  4. gwb-trading


    Yes --- anyone on your ignore/block list is able to respond the the latest post on any thread -- even if they are blocked. This is a forum software bug.

    I typically just use an s in square brackets at the start of the strike-through and a /s in square brackets at the end. It is good to see it is available under +.
  5. Overnight


    No, you missed his funny. He typed that someone on his ignore/block list (and used the strike-through on it) replied, meaning I am not on his ignore/block list. This was not a software bug. He was just being too cerebral for the forum?

    GWB, since neither of us are on your block list, you should have been able to follow the thread correctly. You need to calm-down on the /ignore-block dysfunction, lol!