Edges and Trading - 2 Questions

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trackstar, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. For you traders with edges that trade everyday in and out. Do you ever get tired of it? Its a grindin lifestyle, emotionally taxing, and very boring. The only plus is the freedom (time and financially wise) IMO.

    I am one that found his edge through price but I find it way easier to read the edge looking at pivots and another indicator based also on price. I feel that indicators can only help you once you have learned to trade without them. They help you understand why entries and exits are meaningless. You just have to understand what the is doing from one point to the next.

    What are your thoughts on the above statements? I am trying to figure out a systematic way to teach trading to some people close to me. I am sort of retracing my steps and need to compare these thoughts with other traders.
  2. Whenever I get bored with trading, I take a drive down Seattle's skid row, then drive by the unemployment office, then drive by a construction site, and finally call a friend who is going through bankruptcy. That usually makes me more thankful and shakes the boredom off. If that doesn't work, I take a week off and don't even touch a PC, somewhere with the wife and kids that has no Internet access.

    Charts are a necessity to build your own systems. After that, they are only needed to change or replace your systems. Day to day, I do not use charts. In fact, I trade on a laptop and do not tie myself to any desk at all. As long as my spot has electricity and wifi broadband, I can trade form a cruise ship or a public bathroom (hey, if the signal comes, I am trading). Most traders create dependency upon charts instead of freedom from them via alerts. Not my style. I like to live life while awaiting signals.

  3. Am taking some time off for family. Look forward to seeing you all in 2009.