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    Many books and individuals speak of an EDGE, I'm just curious what most trades on this board think is their EDGE in the market? Feel free to put as much or little as you want.

  2. Our edge is all the new traders out there.:D
  3. Ok

    I can give you a long list

    Knowing when not to trade

    Willing to be wrong and be stopped out

    8 years of experience

    Knowing how to read the tape



    knowning when the specialist has a position and trading with him

    Good health

    High end equipment

    Use of different time frames

    Good understanding of position sizing

    Having multiple traders around me who are profitable and giving me ideas

    My journal

    Positive state of mind

    A well prepared business plan



    Professional Margin

    Willing to teach others

    Learn from mistakes

    Positive expectancy systems

    Having a firm that has dual servers in case of another WTC

    Worse case contigency plans

    Ability to call my trade desk to exit all positions in less than a second

    love of trading

    That should give you some ideas to fish with

    Robert Tharp
  4. <i>Our edge is all the new traders out there.</i>

    That edge used to be HUGE back during the nasdaq boom, when every idiot and their brother was a day trader.
  5. All of what he said, except the "echo" part....(just kidding).

    I just spent quite a bit of time today with a magazine publisher talking about the "edge" we have as Professional, Proprietary traders. I am sure he will cut it down to a few simple things: Market access, Costs, Capital usage, and successful trading environments (much like a trading floor).

    Success breeds success, and the success of it's traders is all that should matter to any firm.
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    Labour and courage.
  7. a smooth goatee.
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    Knowing how to balance the fear and the greed.
  9. Total ease and confidence in your trading methodology, resulting from prior success with it...
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