Edge in understanding Distributions?

Discussion in 'Options' started by jordanwrong, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Ayn Rand

    Ayn Rand

    Anyone who is talking about skewed vs. bi-modal is way over my head.

    I don't do enough volume for me to even consider that.

    I trade options. This is what I know. Pick one or two entities that you like for whatever reason and learn how they work. Stay with what you know.

    Going all over the place because of earnings disappointment or whatever is more than I can handle. I am not cool enough to do something just because it went up or down a lot.

    Secret - For any company there is a group that works the options. In time you will see how they work.
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  2. Xela


    Very sorry to hear this. o_O
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  3. Did sle live happily ever after after striking it big in the market...buy a Ferrari and a house in Hawaii -- or did he bust his account, and/or die?
    Just asking, w/o trying to seem crude. o_O
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  4. JackRab


    Ah the ignorance of a commoner...

    His posts were just about always insightful and educational. You would be on the opposite side of that... in the loud mouth blabbing about much of nothing section.
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  5. ironchef


    Hope he comes back. I appreciated his coaching and his willingness to explain the finer points of finance to us retails.
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  6. JackRab


    He stopped because of some (social) media clauses in his contract... He figured, might as well stop all social media/internet things. Something I've been temped to do on and off for a few years as well.
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  7. Huge loss to the forum.:( Sergei knew his stuff.
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  8. Great guy. Just hope he’s alive and healthy.
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  9. He's still posting on other forums. As of yesterday. Something tells me his absence here is due to ET-specific factors. Perhaps the high percentage of intractably idiotic posters had a lot to do with it -- the same reason ET lost RiskArb et alia.
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  10. destriero


    He made $30MM in 2016 and bought a Greek island.
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