Edge Exhaustion

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  1. Can anyone here point me to a thread where an edge is revealed after being exhausted…i.e. the person decided to reveal their system after making enough money or the edge faded for whatever reason? I only ask this question because I can see myself doing the same in about 4 years (or if that transaction tax passes).
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    if your edge no longer works on stocks
    or transaction tax passes

    you never heard of FX trading ???

    What you want my boy is free lunch

    didn't you daddy tell you there is no such thing as free lunch
  3. You can consider everything that is already presented, or will be presented in the future, as an exhausted edge.
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    this is way way smarter remark than mine

    good job :)
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    So you plan to take something that used to work, and present it as something that might have a chance in the future. Then make money off the suckers who buy from you?

    It's certainly a tactic that works, especially if the edge did work at one time. It will take marketing talent though, and I hope you have none.

    Why not take something that works and actually help people? You will make alot more, not to mention actually contribute something potentially valuable instead of destructive into the lives of others.

    In any case you can sell anything with a well thought out strategy and good tactics. Hopefully your refund rate causes the CC company's risk department to shut you down though if you reach that point.
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  7. Funny guy. The original poster never said anything about selling his edge, yet you assume he intends to become a snakeoil salesman and then lecture him on the morality of that. OKAY, I don't like the snakeoil anymore than the next guy, and I am always okay with blowing off steam on those clowns - look at my past debates with Don Bright - but dude, you ARE a snake oil salesman.

    What you did would be analogous to someone posting a thread titled "Prop Firms Profitable?", with the OP asking in general terms about the profitability of running a firm, without saying anything implying he wants to start one, and then having Don Bright pop in and say "Hey! Churning newbies to death on pair-trade strategies at a penny per share is wrong and immoral. I hope your business gets shut down by the SEC like Tuco. LOL"