"Edge Challenge" - prove us wrong!!

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  1. in56


    I keep hearing here on ET something like this: "if everybody would know what and how I trade then it'll stop working"

    I strongly disagree!! Most traders do not have skills to follow simple systems when it goes through cold spell or even when it makes money.

    So here is the Challenge fo those who disagree; post one method (maybe your old one and/or with small edge) and let's see if it stops working after everybody on ET will read it and try trading it.
  2. 10:30 reversal
  3. 1. 7 day narrow range of liquid stocks for candidates.

    2. Filter with ADX moving in direction of intended direction.

    3. Long signal: yesterday's high + (ATR x 25%) and TRIN < .90
    Short signal : yesterday's low - ( ATR x 25%) and TRIN > 1.10

    4. Enter IF signal holds for 10 minutes.

    5. Scratch if not clearly green in 3 hours.

    6. Target basis +/- 2.5 ATR ..........or.......Sell first gap up open or cover first gap down open.

    7. Repeat process.
  4. gnome


    "EDGE"?... Fuggetaboutit! there is no 'edge' except insider info or front running.... (both illegal, BTW)

    The ONLY thing that works is being good at evaluating developments "on the fly".
  5. Pekelo


    I will answer the original problem quickly then we can all go out and have a beer:

    The answer is, both. Some edges are sensitive to volume of users, some aren't. If you scalp a thinly traded stock, a bunch of followers would most likely screw it up. If you swingtrade trends, more followers just make the trend stronger.

    OK, got it? Now let's go out and have a good time! :)
  6. get anything useful? :p
  7. You first! :p
  8. BSAM


    If you can evaluate developments "on the fly", then, isn't that an "edge"?

    BTW---How do you define "developments"?
  9. ElCubano


    pinkies have an edge....once you know what to look for. Just ask NITE...:D .
  10. Cheese


    An 'edge' is something you fall off from and apparently that is what can happen.

    An 'edge', so-called, appears to be some sort of real or imaginary advantage that some claim they have or that some declare they are seeking.

    Now all you actually have is downmoves and upmoves, the gyrations, of the market (eg YM). Now it requires infinitesimal attention and study of that factual price behavior so that you develop or acquire an accurate methodology to exploit the market session in its whole trading day context.
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