EDENOR of Argentina (EDN)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Peloro, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Peloro


    Please, I would like if someone tell me if this stock (EDN) will soon make an bullish movement
    The chart is showing something of that.
    I think in this share only for swing trading
    Regards from Argentina
  2. sg20


    I think it's ready but it's would be safer to wait another day to see where price action will takes you.
  3. Peloro


    Thank you for your response sg20 .
    I will follow this stock with atention.
    Receive my best regards from Argetina.
  4. Peloro


    I need somebody to tell me if it is beginning a bullish 3 wave in this share (EDN)

    URGENT please.

    Thank you very much to whom respond me

    Regards from Argentina

  5. rros


    Peloro, mire algunos charts. Mas alla de fundamentos, pareceria que el precio de la accion se moveria hacia los 12 o 13 dolares en el corto plazo (divergencias tecnicas).
  6. Peloro


    Gracias !! Al fin alquien que me contesta. Y en castellano !!
    Pregunté en este foro porque tengo entendido que está muy frecuentado por traders muy exitosos. La opinión de esta gente me interesa mucho... pero parece que a los hispanoparlantes no nos tienen mucha estima...
    Saludos y exitos !