eddie bauer announces laying off 15% of workforce

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by chimike018, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. big gain today for ebhi on continued improvement to ebitda...

    however, after close they announced 15% layoffs and pay cuts.

    two years ago layoffs often triggered a rally but lately layoffs send stocks, especially small caps, downward.

    will ebhi spike on cost-cutting combined with improved ebitda or plunge on market fear that they will go the way of Circuit City?
  2. i'm really interested to hear what you guys think the response will be tomorrow....
  3. More important, how many fleece tops, plaid shirts and
    pairs of khaki slacks can a guy have in his closet? :cool:
  4. Great products, great service, great goose down jackets[11 minutes till market open];
    52 weeks chart /end of day is still downtrending. Cool:cool:
  5. it's been a relatively predictable trend to ride from $.50 $.1 and back again. i've been aboard twice so far. i'm currently short at $1.02 but i'm surprised how resistant the sell side has been. i still see more downside in the near term for this one but i'm growing impatient holding this position.