Ed Seykota/Trading Tribe?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AllenTrader, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. I'm wondering if Ed has had continued success (profitable trading not selling wares) to date or if he has blown up like a number of other Market Wizard interviewees. Also, what do the currently and historically successful ET'ers out there think of him and his Trading Tribe?

  2. how quaint
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  4. Ed Seykota is one of the few wizards who has figured out that the condition of the trader is paramount over all other considerations.

    to that end he helps others with this aspect of a trader's life.
  5. Have you met him, know him personally?
  6. I have met Ed, a true Libertarian. He still trades; in fact, had an MIT-trained mathematician working out of his home office. He's an accomplished musician as well. Great banjo-picker.
  7. I added Ed to my YIM friend's list. Never heard from him.

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    I bought a book he recommended on his site about emotions - glad I did!

  8. Can you share the title of that book? Thanks

  9. Are you refering to Daniel Goleman's excellent piece on Emotional Intelligence?...or some other?
  10. No.
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