Ed Schultz Calls for Weiners resignation, the day he came back from his suspension.

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    Ed Schultz Calls for Weiners resignation, the same day he came back from his suspension for calling Laura ingraham a slut multiple times on air. Ed Schultz is a shameless asshole trying to talk to other people about ethics? This is far to funny not to mention, it was even funnier watching all the liberals he had on his program yesterday sticking up for weiner while he insisted weiner should resign. I wish one of these guys would have had some balls and asked why Schultz didnt resign.

    Today marked the return of MSNBC host Ed Schultz to the airwaves, after a suspension prompted by calling Laura Ingraham a “slut.” A lot has happened since we last saw Schultz, and judging from his passionate call for Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign, Schultz has been as intrigued by this story as the rest of the nation. And, like many following the story, Schultz seems unable to believe that the Congressman apologized without stepping down.
    “Hate to see anybody go through that,” Schultz noted, and added that there were many reasons for the story to go away, among them the dire state of the economy and the legislative battles awaiting Rep. Weiner, from which he will be distracted. “There is only one person who can end this story,” Schultz told the Congressman: “you. You’ve got to take one for the team.” Describing this as an “issue of character,” Schultz tried to explain to his audience what the equivalent scenario would look like for the average American: “he’s tweeting pictures to a girl half his age on company time and lying about it to the boss– and, by the way, you’re the taxpayer; you’re the boss– do you think you’d survive that in your workplace?”

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