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Discussion in 'Options' started by lkh, Nov 22, 2002.

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    has anyone heard of Edward Moore's Rhythm of the Markets and Option Magic? looking at his website it looks like he makes some good money with options.wondering if anyone has used his service?

  2. Find my thread about Ed Mitchell and read all the posts in there. You will find more information about Ed Moore and you can still find even more by doing search in misc.invest.futures. Use Google Groups for that.

    My personal opinion: avoid if you can. :D
  3. I meant Todd Mitchell and I have no personal opinion about him, except that he seems to be honest enough to offer a full refund guarantee.
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    I looked into it a while ago, and did not think it was worthwhile. Putting my 2 cents in for what it is worth.
  5. Very smart, you saved a lot of money...
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    Curiosity prompted me to check out his website to make sure it was the same guy.....you know, his course is now 1/3 of what he offered it to me for when I first got the information 2 years ago. I must have gotten a mailing a month for a YEAR from him. That made me suspicious. And each one offered me the course for more of a discount each time.......
  7. I would tell you even more, but then don't want that much trouble:D

    But I think I should really admire his chutzpa. He dared to sell that for $7,500.

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  9. Those that can't do ...
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    thanks for the info guys.saved me the trouble of learning the truth the hard way.
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