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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Anyone here take Ed Moore's trading program, namely Option Magic or Rhythm of the Markets?

    If so, what do you think about it?

    I found a few posts on Ed Moore via the EliteTrader search function already -- they are quite interesting to say the least. Two members have found his materials profitable, another pointed out a reference to a sanction placed on Ed moore for misleading/deceptive advertising on his web site.

    I'd be interested in hearing any other feedback from former students of Ed Moore.


    -- SP

    P.S. Here is his web site http://www.rhythmofthemarkets.com/index.html
  2. This is pretty interesting. According to the CFTC, Ed Moore didn't actually put on the trades he posted on his website. However, while doing a search on ET, I found that two members bought his program KNOWING that his trades weren't real...but they're having success with the program. What am I missing here?
  3. One of them was me. It does work, and I actually visited with Ed Moore in Reno. However, I am not trading this way anymore because I found something that fits my style a little more.
  4. Corona


    Give him a call. He will give you a 30-45 minute discussion of his system and put you on a 30 day trial access to his web site. He will also call about once a week to see how you like it. If you act interested, he will probably give you another 30 days. I couldn't make much use of his web site without having read his course. His setup wasn't for me, so I didn't subscribe. He talks real fast, and told me that because of this, he suggests that his students tape record their conversations with him so they can play it back later and study what he said.
  5. saratosa and corona,

    thank you both for the replies. as you can probably tell from my past posts, i'm pretty new to trading and reading whatever i can get my hands on. in addition, i'm trying to look for a program that'll speed my learning process. however, i think $2,500 for a program is a little too steep for me. again, thanks.
  6. I am confused. Look at the date of stock punter's post. How did it get bumped to the top?