ED 3 month butterflys

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by EurodollarStar*, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Well, the trading environment has been very tough the last few months, that's why we all need to expand our horizons and shoot for the stars when we trade now to make a small profit. Well, doing that will only get you "killed" in these mkt conditions.

    As traders we need to start looking at the bigger picture and step out, trust our guts, give up the edge (b/c their is none) and go with the momentum.

    For example, the eurodollar curve has been tough, but I've been killing it. A good trade to look at would be to SELL the U10 three month butterfly. This trade only makes perfect sense for a few reasons, but I'll just give you one. They are the next butterfly that people will be rolling into and thats all you have to know. So grab your balls and SELL SELL SELL, i mean...COME ON PEOPLE!
  2. It's heartening to see an ED spreader making noises on ET after I thought we'd all long gone into hibernation. Please do elaborate on the 'perfect sense' behind this one, and how you have been 'killing it' on the ED curve. I could be motivated to blow the dust off my copies of Burghardt and Aikin
  3. Hey their, it sounds like you've failed to adapt to this ever so risky trading environment. Maybe you should change your name to Ex-EurodollarStar, or have a visit with Tom Rice(look him up).

    I'm not trying to put you down, just trying to motivate you to get back into the market.

    After six bad months of eurodollar trading and losing almost all of my confidence, I was finding myself doing things that I never thought I would do, things I don't want to discuss on this board. Lets just say some of these things took years off my life. Then I found a man who changed my life, welcome Tom Rice. His class cleared my head and changed my life. He put me back in my chair and back on the mouse.

    Since then I have become the EurodollarStar* of Chicago. I drive an 88' porsche and own a condo on Taylor Street. I dine at the finest joints in town and date an absolute smoke show. Now it's your turn to turn your ED trading around and Change Your Life!!!


  4. woooo, just got out of my steam shower (at my pad) and noticed my leggers made me an exta hundred unrealized ticks. Dinner money for tonight. Man I love this website, just another place to talk about my success. Later Buddies!