Ecuador stands for liberty?

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  1. I can't say I'm really up to date on the wiki leaks subject.

    I would prefer that disclosed info not endanger our troops, but how do I know this is the truth.
    I'm supposed to believe the US govt he deserves the death penalty just because they say so?

    I'm not convinced.
    What I am convinced of is our govt (and britain)will drop all the rules
    when it suits them.

    Isn't that the whole message of the wikileaks exposure in the first place?
    on another note
    Why is jon corzine a free man he stole billions?
    His actions and our govt complicity endanger the free markets more than 10 madoffs ever could.
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    Britain should find some Iranians. They love storming embassies.

    He will be tried for espionage at the very least. The penalty, if convicted, is up to the letter of the law and the judge and jury.

    I assume Sweden has a judge and jury system, too.
  3. 1)assange is NOT guilty of espionage , that would be private bradly.
  4. Maybe Britian think South American county like Ecuador have to obey them. Maybe USA and Britain forget they do not own countries.
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    He would never get the death penalty. That's the argument they are making to defend his asylum. He is wanted for rape. He is piece of shit in my book but outside of the rape charges which he should do time for if found guilty, the guy is simply an ego maniac. Even his own followers have turned on him.

    If he did release info that put our troops in danger I have a solution for that. Let the marines spend an hour in a room with him with the door locked and let them get creative. When that hour is up he might have second thoughts in the future about his actions.
  6. Ecuador should simply make him a diplomat and announce it.

    Assange would have Diplomatic immunity instantly and could walk right out without repercussion.

    If the brits seize him then every British diplomat around the world or at minimum Ecuador would be detained in response.

    I kind of admire the brashness of Assange doing the job of our press. Our press today are just bought minions and stooges.
  7. Our troops were placed in danger the minute they stormed into a sovereign nation without cause. Now they are killing themselves like there is no tomorrow. Doing deals with the devil has consequences.
  8. +3
  9. really but having abortions is consequence free eh?
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    Agree and Assange is charged with rape. He should answer to those charges instead of being a coward and running. Nice non sequitor.
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