Economy Update:Hitman prices

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  1. Prices of assassins and hit men on the black market
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    Below are selected prices that are paid to professional assassins on the black market.

    In Australia, the median price to hire a hit man is $13,610 (9,800 Euros), with the price going up to $83,000 (60,000 Euros) based on the task.

    In Mexico, the cost for a low level assassin is $208 (150 Euros), and up to $20,832 (15,000 Euros) for a higher profile target like a police chief.

    The prices paid in Argentina are between $3,749 (2,700 Euros) to $5,555 (4,000 Euros) per hit.

    Government statistics in Spain state that 40 assassinations take place each year, with prices for the hit ranging between $27 (20 Euros) to $69,000 (50,000 Euros).

    Source: Virdiana Ross, “Mexico: Assassins on the ‘Cheap’,” International Relations and Security Network, October 11, 2010.

    These are the latest prices for assassination.
  2. Humpy


    Good advert for Barrat 0.5 sniper rifles no doubt ?

    Anything for a quick buck, some people !!
  3. wartrace


    Using a Barrett would be very impractical for all but the most difficult jobs. The things weigh 30lbs unloaded and in all practicality you would rarely need the punch provided by a .50BMG rifle. A good .300 winchester bolt action would do any long range sniping work adequatly. If longer range is needed a .338 lapua is what you would want to use.

    The longest sniper kill on record was done with a .338 lapua in Afganistan by a British Army sniper.

    Most quality hitmen make it look like an accident or heart attack.
  4. How do you make it look like an accident or heart attack by shooting them and how does this relate to the economy?
  5. Humpy


    How much are the CIA paying for a hit on Bin Laden currently ?

    Used to be about 10 million $ but would they do a deposit up-front of 1 mill deal ?

    Saddam in his heyday ? About 2 billion $ and cheap at the price in hindsight.
  6. wartrace


    Uh, you make it look like an accident by NOT shooting them. (don't quit your day job to take up hitting for a living)

    As far as how this relates to the economy? Who knows, I didn't start the thread. I was just commenting that the Barrett rifle was not the best tool for assassinations involving the use of firearms. I was also making the observation that more effective hit men, rather than shooting their victim, make the death appear accidental or natural.
  7. You don't shoot them! You have them 'accidentally' suffer a heart attack while swimming in the backyard pool! Then you gently 'persuade' the widow to surrender $7.2 bil in ill-gotten profits, which is how it relates to the economy. (You must be new at this.) :p
  8. Uh, you make it look like an accident by NOT shooting them.

    So how do you do that?
  9. Longest shot was a Canadian sniper, Furlong I believe. He used a Barrett .50bmg. He acomplished it after running out of Canadian made ammo and borrowed some from the Americans saying it was much more powerful. He was also shoting way beyond the range of the gun.
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