Economy lost 400,000 jobs or gained 100,000

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  1. Well, it actually lost 400,000, but after seasonal adjustment crap is applied, voila, a gain of 100,000.

    500,000 jobs out of thin air.

    Just what the Chicago doctors ordered.
  2. ...and a comment i've copied from a source at least as reliable as the gov't crew:

    "According to the federal reserve board of Atlanta (, it would have required 257,879 new jobs a month for the last three months to move from 8.1% unemployment to 7.8% unemployment. The report out today does not contain numbers anywhere near the necessary figures. I also calculated the rate over three months, but the last unemployment report (8.2% unemployment) only came out a month ago (which would have required 570,000+ jobs to move the unemployment the .4% reported today. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is showing that payroll levels have been falling for months, so a sudden reversal of this magnitude is highly unlikely.

    Yes, by the numbers and common sense, it appears that Jack Welch is correct. The figures reported today fail the smell test. Making president kardashian appear competent has become job #1 for gov't employees, when they're not vacationing on our tax dollars."
  3. Unemployment at 7.8%? Quite fortuitous for Team Obama, eh? Hey, after hearing a video was responsible for the attack in Libya this a small potatoes. Comrade Obama is just taking his play for the former Soviet Union where the unemployment rate has been "officially" at zero since 1930. Sweet!

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  4. pspr


    Something smells at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    The unemployment rate decreased to 7.8 percent in September, and total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 114,000, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today......

    Total employment rose by 873,000 in September, following 3 months of little change.

    “New” is the key word in this month’s report as it indicates that the number of jobs in the economy somehow grew by 873,000. These are not the 114,000 “new” jobs but rather “newly found”, older jobs that somehow had been missed previously. The 873,000 change in total jobs in the economy represents the largest monthly increase in 29 years and pushed the unemployment rate down by a huge .3%.

    The truth of course cannot be completely hidden, though the Department of Commerce does its best. What is known as the U-6 component of the report, which totals the percentage of Americans unemployed, underemployed or not actively seeking employment (but formerly in the workforce and not retired) held steady at 14.7%.
  5. This is the nail in the coffin of the R&R ticket. One R could become a car salesman, the other R hopefully would not continue for too long damaging America from his chair in the hill.
  6. Two types of people believe these numbers. The blindly partisan and the really stupid.
    Team Obama wants you to know that happy days are here again. Com'on, everybody sing it.
  7. Same thing can be said about the numbers Romney was throwing during the debate.
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Here is the hilarity for you:

    All the jobs that were gained were "part-time gains for economic reasons". In other words, people taking part time jobs because they are economically distressed and need to pay the bills. If you add the unemployment number to the under employed (those who have taken part time jobs for economic reasons) it is actually a worse situation, but the BLS doesn't count part time workers. So if a jet pilot loses their job and has to work at the food court in the local mall to make ends meet, he is no longer unemployed.


    Additionally, something smells rotten:

    The amount of people polled as being employed in the adjustments is 873,000. The amount of part time workers polled in the adjustments is 582,000. Do the math, that is 66.6666666666 (repeating). Wow, what are the odds? Goal-seek, anyone?

    So why now? Why are all these people taking a part time job - ANY job to make ends meet? Because their emergency benefits have run out. The two years of unemployment bennies no longer make the cut.
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