Economy getting stornger? Maybe so.

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  1. I am shopping for a late model used diesel pick up and I'm finding prices are very strong with sellers not willing to come down much at all. I live in an area where the economy is still going strong. But I have been searching on the internet and prices for used diesels are high everywhere, selling above kelly blue book values.
    I also just bought a 5th wheel and it was almost the same there, prices strong and no great deals out there at least close to where I live. A couple of places I shopped and the dealership I bought from said they were having above average sales, best in several years.
    Don't know if this means anything but workers buy diesel trucks so maybe things are looking up. I'm buying and keeping my old truck so could be so.
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    There is strong demand for a used Ram diesel. Initial MSRP is very painful, even if you have the cash.
  3. That is what I'm probably going to get, but you're right $50,000 grand and up is too much for my blood. The used chevy diesels seem to be selling higher than the dodge's.
  4. Why are you not getting the Volt? Are you trying to destroy the Earth?
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    Why bother? There is a big rock coming with our name on it in 2012. :confused: