Economy Down, Liberal Cheating Up

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  1. Tom B

    Tom B

    ACORN been charged for election fraud in how many states? Liberals should be ashamed.

    May. 04, 2009
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    State attorney general files charges against ACORN, 2 employees


    ACORN, an activist group that turned in 90,000 completed voter registration forms in Clark County for last year's election, violated state law by setting mandatory quotas for workers who canvassed neighborhoods looking for people to register to vote, according to the state attorney general's office.

    Officials this morning released a complaint naming the Association of Community Organization for Reform Now Inc., as well as Christopher Howell Edwards, who was the group's Las Vegas field director, and deputy regional director Amy Busefink.

    Canvassers were required to register at least 20 people a day, and could be fired if they didn't, officials said. ACORN also instituted a bonus program called "blackjack" or "21 plus" in which a worker could earn an extra $5 per shift by registering 21 or more people.

    The problem with the quota system is it encouraged workers to turn in false registrations, said Secretary of State Ross Miller and Larry Lomax, Clark County's registrar of voters.

    "This is individuals ripping off their bosses because they have quotas to make," Lomax said.

    Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto said ACORN's policy required "illegal acts in performing the job."

    "These practices are clearly in violation of Nevada law," she said. "By structuring employment and compensation around a quota system, ACORN facilitated voter registration fraud in this state."

    The criminal complaint lists 26 counts of compensation for registration of voters and another 13 counts of principal to the crime of registration of voters.

    In October, state authorities raided the organization's offices and alleged that its canvassers falsified forms with bogus names, fake addresses or famous personalities.

    They seized voter registration forms and computer databases to determine how many fake forms were submitted and identify employees who were responsible.

    ACORN is a nonpartisan organization, but it was affiliated with a political action committee that endorsed then-candidate Barack Obama in the presidential election.

    Officials insisted today that the fake voter registrations did not translate into fake voters making it to the polls.

    "This is a case of voter registration fraud, not voter fraud," said Miller. "There is no evidence that there was any voter fraud in the last election."

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    With few exceptions, they have no shame.
  3. Look at it this way, ACORN has to find some way to spend the billions of stimulus money it recieved.
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    Somewhere is a song to the tune of "Sold my soul to the company store" called "Sold my vote to the bums at Acorn." It's hilarious! Has lyrics something like:

    "16 votes, whattaya get? Another pack of menthol cigarettes. "

    If somebody has a link. . .
  5. Tom B

    Tom B

    7 Pa. ACORN workers facing voter-form charges

    May 7 11:46 AM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer

    PITTSBURGH (AP) - Authorities in western Pennsylvania have accused seven people who worked for the community group ACORN of falsifying voter-registration forms.

    The seven have been charged with either forging, illegally soliciting or illegally filling out voter-registration cards in the lead-up to the 2008 election.

    Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. announced the charges at a news conference Thursday.

    ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has come under scrutiny for registration irregularities in other states.

    Authorities in Nevada filed charges Monday against ACORN and two former employees on charges they illegally paid canvassers to sign up voters. ACORN denied those accusations.
  6. Read it again for the first time. Fan the fog aside and try to think it through. What possible benefit would accrue to ACORN from falsified voter registration? Falsified forms by lazy workers do not translate into voters with proper ID for voting purposes. Misguided compensation structure by ACORN does not equal an intent on its part to defraud.

    Have you thought it through yet? If not, keep trying.
  7. Tom B

    Tom B

    Interesting, you are defending them because they are not very effective cheaters. BTW, ACORN and other liberals are against proper voter ID.
  8. Interesting, you posted without any thinking.
  9. Tom B

    Tom B

    You are a pathetic old man.
  10. Maybe so, but you are an idiot. Really. And while ignorance can be corrected, stupid is forever. My condolences.
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