Economy By Chavez....Socialists Take Note

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    The point being that the US/Euro governments need to push capitalistic solutions, not socialist solutions....

    More socialism is just that....

    You do not throw out capitalism because of excessive leverage bets....

    Now what should be happening is the drastic reduction of government...

    ie cut the government spending commensurate with people's income....not demand more....

    What would ignite the markets would be to start a 10% consumption tax only.....

    Idiocy as usual.... enjoy the road to socialism.....
  2. This is the big problem of democracy.

    Masses are too idiotic to know what is good, they easily fall into populistic speeches. Look at the US -the craddle of capitalism-, yet they are electing a leftist government (Obama).
  3. It's amazing how many NObama lovers there are on ET and how fervent their passion.

    Here we are... traders... risking much (maybe all) for the opportunity to succeed financially, and hopefully BIG! Then if we do, we're expected to hand over the lion's share to the Gummint... so that they can "distribute" our success to others... some of whom just sit on their butt with their hand out.

    How can that be? I don't understand this enigma... :(

    Take my wife for example... she's a doctor, so she's typically ignorant of financial matters....

    Nevertheless just his weekend she was complaining... "I was in school and residency until I was nearly 30. And now [N]Obama is going to raise my taxes and give that money to someone else. The harder I work, they more he will take. What's fair about that?..."
  4. It is because this site is majority NET losers in the game.

    It is everyone elses fault but theirs Gnome....
  5. sg20


    Obama's wealth distribution = socialists welfare program
  6. Well said. If you really want to be shocked, take a look at the Politics and Religion forum.

    It's downright scary what some of the people over there are saying. There is a lot of people who have a lot hate bottled up against the white man and are looking at this election as nothing but a way to stick it to righty whitey.

    I at least hope for their sake, the kool-aid tasted good.
  7. Well duh... some of us want to keep a free country and quarantine the muslims, socialists and feminist pigs in their pens.

    Wrong. What you just described was gambling, not trading.

    No enigma. Just poor choices. I trade predictable, I only gamble when I drive. Hussein is a gamble, and not one worth taking.

    Again, duh... he's a democrat. Democrat raise taxes on the middle class. Read history. Slick willy gave the middle the largest tax increase in history right after campaigning against Bush Sr. on 'no new taxes.'
  8. Even H W Bush, a hardcore Republican increased taxes.
    He didn't want to, he had to.

    Now if H W increased taxes, what you may expect from a leftist democrat?
    More and more taxes, of course.
  9. The ones that make more $$, need the 95% that don't make enough to have a little more. Do the math. If 30% of taxpayers get a break of a couple of thousand dollars, they will spend more, have more to pay their medical bills, etc. And your wife will make more $$, just in what is not written off in bad debt to non-payers.

  10. I agree with everything you said, except for one thing: it's NOT IDIOCY on the part of the lawmakers, they know what it is they're doing. After 8 years of the worst president in history ruining the country socially and economically, people are ready to <i>embrace</i> socialism with both arms open, as their savior... if it was not <i>planned</i> to happen this way, it sure worked out perfectly.
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