Economist Michelle: We Are In A Huge Recovery

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    GDP growth only 1.3% but according to Me-Chelle this is a HUGE recovery. I think even she is believing her husband's lies.

    In an interview, Pablo Sato, co-host of Pablo & Free on WPGC 95.5, a D.C.- metropolitan area hip-hop radio station, asked the first lady, “Mrs. Obama, you know what, in your words, tell us what you think the state of the union is in right now?”

    Mrs. Obama said, “I mean, we are seeing right now that we are in the midst of a huge recovery. Right? Because of what this president has done.”
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    I'm not sure which is worse , people being stupid enough to believe her or her believing people are stupid enough to believe her?
  3. In othr news:

    "A surveillance video showing rapper Gunplay pulling out a gun on his accountant has hit the Internet. The animated footage shows Rick Ross’ protégé exploding in anger during in April meeting with his accountant. "

    "Listen up mutha fucka, Michelle say we in a recovery, whoo you be calling broke"

    "Yo mama is broke bitch"

    He leaves with a chain and a phone that he reportedly took from the office.
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  6. Is she insane....
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  8. Romney to Blacks: Want Free Stuff? Vote for Obama
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    The eternal political question. The outcome of any election is the answer to this equation.