Economist Magazine (12 Issues for $12)

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  1. Damn, no 'Canada' country option.
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    It would be great bathroom reading. Then, when you are done with it you can be eco-friendly and use it to wipe as well.
  3. ET is by far, collectively, the most unappreciative site I've ever been a member of.

    There is no incentive to share anything of benefit for the ingrates here.

    I've posts 4 or 5 great deals in the last year or so, and not one person has thanked me.

    F@%k it.
  4. That's a good deal. Thanks for posting.

    I used to subscribe and it was much more than that. I canceled my subscription awhile back because it was too boring to read honestly. I almost dreaded getting it each week towards the end. The best part of the magazine is the cover, which you can get here for free :).
  5. very nice deal, thanks
  6. Thx ByLo
  7. haha nice one
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    I assume you guys are after the print edition. you can access the web version for free everyweek, at least thats how it works for me
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