Economies/Countries are crashing

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  1. Since 2014, Indian rupee has crashed from $1 = Rs 46 to $1 = Rs 79 now. Food prices and petrol price are sky high in India. Last month 10 trains were set on fire in major riots in many Indian states because of military jobs rule change. India is on the brink of total collapse just like Sri Lanka

    10,300 flights cancelled by British Airways. UK & England PM Boris Johnson removed from office by coup from his own ministers. Airports, railways stations, metro stations shut down in UK & England. Europe is crashing because of Russia and Ukraine war

    Sri Lanka total collapse. Protesters stormed Presidential palace. Sri Lankan President & Prime ministers have resigned.

    Russians lost all their money in stock markets. Ukraine is burning & getting bombed heavily.

    United States is in panic mode under U.S President Joe Biden. Fuel prices are high. Nasdaq has crashed almost -35% for 2022.

    In China, giant real estate companies with close to $1 Trillion in assets are defaulting.

    What kind of economics is going on ??
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    It makes perfect sense to me. I am actually trading well, being disciplined and making fair progress. Maybe the only way to stop me now would be to either kill me or just completely tank the world economies, to make trading impossible or pointless. Who knows.
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    Its not that bad yet, things could get a lot worse.
  4. The Powers at be all secretly Wants a WW3 to happen.
    You need major, major make major, major shift changes across humanity, society.
    Consolidation, growth and a power grab, and opportunity.
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    The 2010s decade, except for a few short periods like in 2018 was pretty boring for trading. Interest rates hardly changed for most of the decade. Zzzz. No black swans in sight.

    The 2000s decade had good markets. Dot com crash, Iraq war, Banking crash followed by a good rally in 2009 to end the decade.

    The 2020s are looking good again. Although a bit scary.
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    Every generation in history has had pretty much a slight different version of the above some worse. Depending what part of the globe.
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    Right, things are in such a state of utter collapse that rich countries have run completely out of unemployed workers. For instance, unemployment is just 2.8% in Germany - all those flights are being canceled because there's nobody to do the patdowns and handle the baggage.

    As to economic disaster and unrest in shithole countries, well, that's why they're called shithole countries.
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    Exactly. Trust me, eyes nose.
  9. Why would the "powers that be" want major shifts? Would that not potentially be risking their powers, you know, the ones that be? If things are working for you, why fix what ain't broke?

    Did you perhaps stock up on tinfoil recently?
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    That does sound like the US, economic disaster, unrest (eg Jan 6th), shithole eg San Fransciso which is full of human shit on the streets.
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