Economics to end as we know it????

Discussion in 'Economics' started by cesar2005, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. cesar2005


    According to the article human beings are depleting resources at a faster rate than Earth can recycle them.

    In my opinion, the increase in resource scarcity and increases in population growth will cloud any increases in available technology.

    Can you imagine wars over water???

    I hope never to see a world like that.
  2. water is the next bubble to grow. right after i go fart in the tub
  3. timbo


    Is that with or w/o surfactants?

  4. I live in Michigan.

    The world covets the Great Lakes, but an International Treatise (Canada and U.S., signed by President Bush and Canadian PM Stephen Harper) will ensure that no nation or U.S. state that does not touch any of the Great Lakes will get a single drop of our fresh water.

    Cold, clean, fresh water. AHHH....

    The inland lakes in some parts of the upper lower peninsula and the upper peninsula of Michigan are so clean that you can literally drink the water from the lake without concern about contaminants or even natural hazards such as giardia or e coli.

    AHHHHH...fresh water is the most valuable commodity in the world.

    Ice cold, clear as can be, fresh, clean water....

    I'm thirsty.
  5. So do trees.