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  1. --Worst in the nation in the percentage of people 25 and older with a high-school diploma. --44th in state and local expenditures per pupil in public schools. --47th in state aid per pupil. --Worst in the nation in the percentage of its population without health insurance. --50th in workers’ compensation for on-the-job injuries. --50th in per-capita spending on mental health. --49th in average credit score. --44th in home-ownership rate. --46th in homeowners’ insurance affordability. --42d in percentage of households with Internet access.

    Looking at it another way, we rank high in a bunch of categories where you want to rank low. For example, Texas is:

    --4th in the percentage of children living in poverty. --2d in the percentage of population with food insecurity. --1st in the amount of toxic chemicals released into water. --1st in the amount of hazardous waste generated.
    source: AFT

    Found the above on another blog.
    Interesting, I haven't fact checked the above. All may not be peaches and cream in the Lone Star State.

    Probably one of the highest property tax rates too.
  2. Yes, your stats are correct.

    However, If you'r making great money life is very good in the Lone Star State.

    A lot of the stats are due to the massive illegal and Hispanic population in South Texas.

    The education system is horrid in the High School system.
    However, there are some great High Schools in the upscale areas.

    So, bottom line, just like anywhere in this country. If your not making the money life is going to be hell for you no matter where you live.

    Chicago has had a mass exodus that is brought down their population to 1920s level. But Chicago is a great Place to live if you have money.

    The solution....make money and live where ever you want.
  3. For west Texas I make good money if I was in New York it wouldn't be that great.
    But the masses don't own their own business and never will. My sub crews don't carry workers comp, I'm insured and my customers are insured but the men aren't. Such is life you gotta take care of number one first.
  4. High in concealed handgun permits. Florida is number one.
  5. Eight


    Funny, I moved from one of the lowest income areas in California to one of the highest and over a year's time my desire to have a weapon on me diminished about 90%... even the most threatening people around here don't make me want to reach for something.. if they did something bad people would stop and talk to them until they cried and repented... in the desert one of my friends was in the middle of a robbery and he came to the defense of the store owner by pulling a knife out of his boot and going to work on some gangbanger... the police just came out and gathered up the bodies and we never heard from them about anything, here there would be an inquiry, newspaper articles, court visits.... it's way better here but I was better acclimated to the other environment..
  6. Some point to that. I lived in the LA beach cities for two years without a gun and rarely felt uneasy, even though I was an illegal immigrant.
  7. Welcome to America:D
  8. I hear ya Bigarrow. Sounds like your tied to construction, which is limp'n along in Texas anyway for the most part.

    I deal in a different arena and I tap into the Global Market. So, my income is not tied to "Salary" of the local Texas working folk thank God. As the State has one of the lowest salaries for most occupations.

    But here is what I love the most about Texas!
  9. Floating the Rivers!
  10. 500 yards with a handgun??

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