Economics of $100 Oil

Discussion in 'Economics' started by libertad, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. my predictions for oil prices on june 2009 will be $50 . Once the bush gov is gone you will see oil prices drop .

    I will check back here in 2009 .
  2. Interesting article - skimmed it quickly.

    You know, I've been flirting with the idea of high oil prices being useful as:
    1. A foreign aid program to the middle east
    2. A brake on Chinindia development (input)
    3. A reflationary mechanism in the setting of structural deflation

    Note that #1 was obliquely referenced (infrastructure development) in the paper.

    Only problem with those reccomendations are those darn islamic banking laws... you never know what you're gonna get 'cause of that. Hope they ain't all the folks buying up all the plat...
  3. yes like funding iran's nuclear projects, their world domination plans, their hard efforts towards turning the world into a large islamic nation by beheading infidels and abusing the remaining population

    I am so happy to help fund iran's projects by purchasing chinese products which have in turn been produced by oil bought at 100$ a barrel from iran

    America has ended almost all business relations with iran, while europe has been one of iran's major business partners, if Europeans don't want islam to rule over their world, one thing they can do is stop doing business with iran, if they don't end the business ties now in the long run this will hurt their countries most, one reason is cause muslims will see them as 'the western pussies'