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  1. Hey guys,
    I recently changed my major to economics (yes, I changed again for those that know me). I was wondering if any of the econ majors here would mind telling me what advantages economics has as far as trading goes, and what your job is exactly. Thanks.

    - Jimmy
  2. i think liberal arts majors make better traders... /blanket statement.
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    Besides the regular supply and demand stuff it should give you a good foundation to take the classes you really need. But by itself it is worthless, make sure to take some classes in accounting, bonds and derivatives pricing. A minor in mathematics is also very helpfull. Don't forget to take at least one class in programming and statistics, these are the tools of the trade no trader should do without.

  4. Learning classical and academic economics will doing nothing towards helping you make predictions about the way the world's economy works. academics take economics and try to make it fit within the scientific method. The really world is much more dynamic and requires you to use multiple methods of finding truth.
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    Uh huh. Blind and stupid is the way to go.
  6. If you were honest about yourself a realized that is the way you are you could cope with yourself much better than if you armed yourself with science and thought you knew everything about the world based on you little equations.
    Do you really think those charts you see in econ 101 will help you find out what the price of something will be in the future?
  7. I don't plan on learning a single thing about trading from my economics classes. I do and will continue to do that on my own or from other sources. I also plan on taking some computer science classes.
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    You should consult astrological charts, wave patterns on the oceans and the colour of the sky during winter solstice and the spring equinox.

    I wish I could be as smart as some people think they are.
  9. the important thing here is getting the degree. whether it pertains to what you want to do - you can spin it when you are doing on campus recruiting
  10. I had a minor in Economics and it helps me. If you don't think supply and demand affects stock prices wait until a position you hold announces a big secondary offering. The reverse is true also,a lot of big companies fend off shortsellers by large buyback programs. tiger
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