ECONOMICS - If you were benevolent dictator, what rules would you impose?

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  1. ECONOMICS - If you were benevolent dictator, what rules would you impose? NOTE - please stick ONLY to economic rules (even if loosely), not things like religion, personal taste, etc.

    Good topics include: taxes, business, trading rules, govt pet peeves, pension, medical, international trade, states vs. federal issues, public works, etc.

    I will start with a few:

    ONE -----------------------------------------------------------

    CAR INSURANCE. Currently, you pay more if:

    -- you have a lower credit score

    -- you are young

    -- you are single

    -- you are male

    -- (believe it or not) someone ELSE hits YOU. I was read ended by someone in heavy traffic, who was ticketed by the police for not allowing enough room. MY rates went up 30%. What is the matter with paying based only on your driving record?

    TWO -----------------------------------------------------------

    We (USA) have federal, state, county and local levels of govt. Usually with their own roads, legal system, taxing, etc. Sometimes they tax, and then pass on tax funds to other levels, including In my new world, at least one llevel (county) would be gone. Connecticut has no actual county govt and does fine:

    THREE -----------------------------------------------------------

    Slash corporate taxes and do everything possible to encourage businesses and wealth to come back ONSHORE.

    FOUR -----------------------------------------------------------

    Every level of government would be prohibited from spending more than they take in. Secondly, no " Bad year - every single service is slashed - govt salaries, expenditures like schools, etc.

    FIVE -----------------------------------------------------------

    Throw out the current taxing system, put together all recommendations ever floated that has gained traction (fair tax, flat tax, value added tax, whatever).

    SIX -----------------------------------------------------------

    Remove the ability of unions to kill companies. Growing up, I watched unions close 2 large local companies because they refused to renegotiate when foreign competitors were squeezing the companies. Look at what they are doing to the big 3 car makers. Look how they dominate the construction industry in metropolitan areas. I know a college prof who painted his office. The college union filed a grievance, and came in and repainted his office and billed the college. Time to throw most of them out. The sweat shop days are over...
  2. Basically you are a Reaganite and you just posted a supply siders wet dream. I don't know but I think that is what has got us where we are
  3. I'm sorry, but your ideas make too much sense, therefore they can never be implemented by government.
  4. Try reading the post above you.
  5. Yes, he is correct. He doesn't know.
  6. Quote TraderZone, "What is the matter with paying based only on your driving record?"

    I am not sure this is true, but I hear that if a person never had a accident in a car, then probability is they will, so insurance companys go with probability of who is likely to have a car accident. That is not fair if that is true.

  7. A group of people - a country - will always perform much better when each individual is allowed to be self-directed instead of micro controlled. Think of any game. A few fair rules are required to play the game. No favoritism, no exceptions.
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    Outlaw taxing money that's already after-taxed and that didn't earn any new profits yet ( like transaction tax ).
  9. The bad rap about unions isn't fair. Actually reading your plans half of them are already in the economy, besides more efficient taxation, you don't propose anything that new.

    Anyway, going back to unions, some have imploded a company, true. But so have self serving managers, and so have some investors (think private equity). The reality is that any of these 3 groups (employees, managers, investors) can implode the company for their own short term benefit. The media only ever attacks the first one, employee unions. They never mention #2 and #3 because they are paid by them.
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    Your right you don't know.

    I see that the way to economy prosperity for all, is a high corporate tax rate, heavy government regulation.

    No worries the coming years should be your economic wet dream. You must envision the boom years for America are ahead.

    see you on the other side of prosperity.
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