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  1. Hi could somone post the major events in economic history since 1929?

    please include some details about each event

    events include (but not in chrological order)

    -Japean's 10 year something
    -great depression- errm something about not lifting the gold standard
    -greenspan's /regan bush era years
    -world war 2
    -08/09 crash etc

    thanks all for contributing
  2. This sounds like a paper for an economics class and since the field is dominated by the "Party of the Dumb" supporters, use this:


    ...But Senator Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico, the top Republican on the Budget Committee, said the increased taxes in the program would devastate the economy.

    In the House Thursday, every Republican voted against the economic plan, and all Republican senators had announced their opposition before the Senate debate began.

    Phil Gramm of Texas, who may run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 1996, declared: "I believe this program is going to make the economy weak. I believe hundreds of thousands of people are going to lose their jobs. I believe Bill Clinton will be one of those people."


    I can't belive all that horrible prosperity under Clinton. Thank the invisible man in the sky for Generalissimo Bush and the return of republican idiocy.
  3. clacy


    To attribute the economic success of the 90's to Clinton, is about as idiotic as blaming Obama for all of the current pain.

    Clinton raised taxes, but also reformed welfare and controlled spending, due in large part to having a Newt Gingrich controlled congress at the time.

    Add in a period of rapid technology advancement in computers (bubble) and you had "prosperity".

    Now compare that to what our current President is wanting to do:

    -Raise income taxes back to where they were under Clinton

    -Impliment several stealth taxes on corporations, the wealthy and middle class via healthcare reform and cap & trade

    -Institute an entirely new entitlement program, which will balloon beyond everyone's wildest imagination within a decade (healthcare)

    Convertibility, please explain how this will help our country long term....
  4. arrgh forget it, i'll go read this up, mod please close this thread.
  5. Reagan! Reagan! Reagan!

    Let me see, the Reagan era was, as former Speaker of the House, Tip O'neill called it, Christmas for the Rich as their taxes were cut dramatically yet,

    Growth in per capita real GDP from 1950 to 1980: 2.2 percent per year
    Growth in per capita real GDP from 1980 to 2007: 2.0 percent per year

    Real median family income instead, we get:

    Growth from 1950 to 1980: 2.3 percent per year
    Growth from 1980 to 2007: 0.7 percent per year

    And taxes were a lot higher during the 1950-1980 period.

    The Dumb believe that cutting taxes for the rich means prosperity.

    Simple axiom: Don't let republicans run your system, it will fail.
  6. Only a delusional partisan hack would quote axioms. It's both party's fault and America is great despite them.
  7. Post 1911 - My favorite historical topic: break up of Standard Oil. It's not quite post 1929 but it's a significant point in history.

    1944 Bretton Woods system

    1964 Civil rights act, especially title 7.

    1984 AT&T breakup

    1994 - NAFTA
  8. ahh some fresh stuff to look into, keep it coming, what about japan's" "lost decade"