Economics for a crowded planet

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  2. Never happen.

    The world needs a BIG effort... from EVERYBODY... never happen.

    The Chinese recognize they have severe pollution problems, but decline to do anything about it because it would "cost jobs".

    The tropical rain forest is being cleared wherever possible. So what if one day the primary mechanism of exchanging CO2 for O2 is destroyed... there's money to be made NOW by clearing the land.

    Nothing BIG will be done until there is a perceived crisis and that there is "no alternative". Until then, it's "business as usual".
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    People and corporations around the world need to let go of their selfish and greedy ways and start paying attention to social and economic impacts of their decisions and actions.


  4. Can't see that happening, yes it is sad.

    Too many people. That is the fact. 70 million added a year. Way too many.
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    Well very few people have realized that this the real problem this world is facing. There is no one advocating long term population control. Earth cannot support this many humans. Very few people are advocating population control. May be the religious nuts are just too powerful. They dont want people using condoms. they dont want abortions. Well the result is we are slowly wiping out every species on this earth. eventually we will wipe each other out. There is no need for anyone to have more than 2 kids. I heard bill gates wants to save the world, but havnt heard any real solutions proposed yet.
  6. Planet Earth is a closed biological system just are bacteria in a petri dish. Eventually the population expands to the point of exhausting all vital resources, poisons itself with its own by-products and wastes, then dies.

    Humans are smart enough to prevent this from happening to the planet. Unfortunately, we've also shown ourselves to be too self-serving to prevent it.
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    Humans are a blip on the map, as far as the earth is concerned.

    Humans account for 3% of all CO2 emissions.

    97% of CO2 comes from decaying organic matter and geological activity.

    Perspective anyone?

    During the Mesozoic and Palaeozoic era, CO2 concentrations were 5 to 15 TIMES HIGHER than today. Where were the evil SUV's and oil companies then?

    Point of fact, the entire solar system is heating up.

    Mars icecaps are melting

    Global Warming on Pluto.

    Global warming on Triton. (Neptune's largest moon)

    Global warming on Enceladus. (A moon of Saturn)

    Climatic variation is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Much of that is linked to cycles in solar intensity. Yes, the Suns burn rate varies. Imagine that.

    As far as the "crowded planet" agenda - pure globalist hype.

    Expanded Government and UN authority to tax and regulate.

    Self-imposed production controls on energy = higher energy costs for the plebs and more $$$ for Big Producers.

    Restricted development on the Third World = Controlled Competition.
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    Farming is not efficient at it's best and there is a tremendous amount of uninhabited space on the planet, take a look at the globe and some maps.

    The Incas supported a million people in an area that modern farming can only support 100,000... nearly everything nowadays is a hoax really.......
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    You're right. Most humans are packed into huge cities. Huge swaths of the earth are completely undeveloped.

    Is the probono work still happening with your freedom-fighting lawyer buds?