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    I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum, but has anyone graduated with a BS in Economics and find it useful in trading?
    If so, to what extent? Would I be better off just reading tutorial online?
  2. I used to hang around at this place when I was an undergrad. I did an ECON degree.

    Now on track to be the greatest trader of my generation. But, I don't think my ECON degree itself had anything to do with it. I think what matters is where you get your degree from... ::JOKE::

    What matters is, GREATNESS is within you, or it just isn't. No amount of schooling or reading won't help.
  3. I’m almost done with a BS in Economics. I could probably have learned the same just reading books, but I think the degree is helpful to a certain extent for longer term trading/investing (Timing based on the macro picture). With some knowledge about how the market should behave from a rational point of view I find it easier to detect irrationality in the market.
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    Not only is the economist often wrong, but it is almost always wrong.
  5. Lol. I am finding my degree more useful as of now. What's the alternative to an econ degree, working as a plumber? I guess you could read econ books on the side. Business? No thanks. Finance?

    I think my BA in Economics blends well scientific rigor with social sciences, and that's worth something.

    You can get turned off by all the graphs, one of my teachers has an obsession with drawing a straight line, then extending it to the nth dimension, moving it to every corner and asking us what the effects would be. Right now I don't consider that very useful.

    In the end I think it's not too bad, I see it all coming together slowly, and it's a great feeling going into my 4th year.

    Of course Economics is often wrong, that's why you learn the importance of having the right models. But without the eternal pursuit of knowledge you will never understand the world.
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    Why do you think they call it BS?
  7. That was the best joke academics could come up with.
  8. So you are thinking about making that big macro trade with a liberal arts degree? Get serious...
  9. Economists can't even agree on present weather conditions.

    If you're serious about trading, get a degree in psychology.
  10. Ditto!! The skill set and discipline required to be a successful trader have NOTHING to do with knowledge* of economics.

    *term used loosely
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