Economical way to trade European shares...

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  1. I'm considering ways to trade shares on Euronext and London.

    IB's commission structure for Europe though, is very expensive.

    What are some of you European guys doing to reduce the relatively high commissions?

    Prop firms?
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  3. Thanks, but these guys are even more than IB in some instances.

    For example...Buy a stock with total value of 100.000 euros. Commission is quoted at 5 euros + .05% which is another 50 euros. So the total commish to buy 100.000 euros of stock is 55 euros!

    You can buy $100,000 of stock in US exchanges for $5 or $10.
    That makes European retail commissions 10x more!

    Thanks for pointing out this broker though. I was not aware of them.

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    in the range of 5000 to 29000 Euro's they are cheaper than IB
    these are really cheap compared to other european retail brokers
    hopefully someone else knows any cheaper alternatives, I personally don't
  5. For UK shares, the best way is to use CFDs to avoid the stamp duty (and market makers are so easy to screw :D )
  6. IB is best for Euro Stocks. You will not find anyone cheaper (retail, not arcades).

    Problem is the exchanges, structure of exchanges in europe, e.g. no competition (ECNs etc) allowed.

    Way too expensive !
  7. If you wish to trade European stock, specially the German stocks (the German exchanges are not part of the Euronext) take a look at
    Their REAL flat fee is hard to beat and they won't charge extra commissions each time you have to change the price of your order, like at IB.
    Oh and flatex doesn't charge you also for the cancellation of option orders (I see cancellation fees at IB for stocks and futures coming soon, because apparently the shareholders are becoming greedy)
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  9. Thanks for the sources so far guys. cvds16, I don't trade that kind of size yet, so fortis is probably not an option.

    Would appreciate anyone else's thoughts on trading in Europe with *good* commission rates.