Economic WMD

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lloyd111, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. With the many reports the government releases that all seem to be better than expected leaves me wondering if there is indeed anything that the government does that is upright and honest. Likely not!.

    The U.S.A started a war on the pretense of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction which they did not. Looks like we pundits were right declaring the truth of the matter to be over Oil!.

    If we need to stop a potential disaster from WMD we must start with targeting the actual WMD the government and the Federal reserve.

    Eliminate the privateer aka Fed reserve the tool of choice by the rulers of the masses. Reduce the size of the WMD by reducing the size of the government.

    It is these tools used by the real powers that are in fact the true WMD. They put in place policies that allow us minions to spend beyond our means only to have the same Cabal pull the rug out from under us entrapping our future wealth while stealing our current wealth. Since millions of us are involved in this scam they run imho this alignment truly is the Weapon of Mass Destruction and it is right here in our own back yards!....if you still own such a thing that is!