Economic War

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Mar 10, 2003.

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    When Al Qada struck NYC and Washington, one of their stated goals was to harm our economy, which they where successful at. If one looks at the current situation in Iraq, I wonder if Hussien is trying to do the same thing. The price of natural gas is up nearly 100% in the last few months, Crude Oil and gasoline are up nearly 50%. All of this will have a hugely adverse effect on our economy if it continues. Goods have to be shipped etc. In addition to this, it is causing "trouble" between America and many of our more traditional allies. Our stock market is caught up in the uncertainty. Meanwhile, with Oil prices up so much over the last few months Saddam is making about $100million a day more then he was just 6 months ago. In the future, I wonder if economic warefare will take the place of shooting wars. Its a field in which a smaller country (Iraq) or quasi state (al qada) can definatly hurt a superpowr.

  2. how is al qaeda supposed to wage 'economic warfare'? with what? more terrorism? obviously 9.11 was a wake up call, but terrorism had been occurring for a long time before that. fear and uncertainty are obviously a factor, but barring anything even more devastating than 9.11 (which could, i guess, happen) i think we've seen about the worst of it.

    as far as iraq goes, how could iraq "try the same thing"? what, they're gonna attack us?
    sure, they're a threat to energy, but the current situation wasn't really by design on their part...

    'economic warfare' certainly isn't anything new... the US has been using it for years... and it will certainly not take the place of 'shooting wars' anytime soon (or ever)...