Economic Thugs Enforce Healthcare Bill

Discussion in 'Politics' started by unretired, Mar 19, 2010.

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  2. who cares, let america fuck itself in the butt, what goes around comes around, stupid people remain happy for sometime but the end price of stupidity can't be anything but suffering
  3. We will see all of them in the FEMA camps soon :p

    Simply put, you cannot rise against the power elite who have the tools and resources to enslave the whole world.

    Maybe you could in the day of our founding fathers but I do not think that it is true today.

    We have not lived in America since the Federal Reserve Act.

    According to them, you either support them or are a homegrown terrorist.

    You have to decide if you want to fight for the illusion of freedom or finally come to terms that you were never free to begin with.

    From a biblical perspective evil takes over the whole Earth before the coming of the Lord.

    Give unto Caesar what is Caesars and wait on the Lord to judge the world.

    This of course is just my opinion :)

    Go fight for liberty if that is what floats your boat.
  4. America needs to shut up and start paying its bills.
  5. Yes we do. Some of us have been saying that all along. Unfortunately, it's to the same spendthrift, selfish, power hungry ASSHOLES who "passed" the unconstitutional Obamacare/Tyranny bill.

    We also need to stop spending money we don't have on foreign aid. And stop supporting military bases all over the world.

    We should bring all of our money home to pay our own bills.
  6. palin-bachmann ticket in 2012?
  7. Wouldn't THAT be a hoot?

    Remember during the campaign when people said they wouldn't vote the Repub ticket because "if McCain dropped dead, Palin would be POTUS... and what a horrible thing that would be".

    I argued that she would likely be OK as POTUS... she'd be surrounded by advisors... then if she made decisions which were in the best interest of the USA, that would be just fine.

    Wouldn't that have been better than the SHITHEAD, POWER HUNGRY, BOW-TO-EVERY-MUSLIM "LEADER" (cough, cough) we got?

    So far, I'm not that big of a fan of Palin... but I'm not against her either. Now Bachman... that's another story. I really like her. Maybe it's because she's from Minnesota... where I spent a REAL winter in my youth on an Air Force radar station.... maybe it's because she's lookin' pretty hot to an old goat well, at least "warm".. she's got nice eyes).

    I have a fond feeling for Finlanders, snow mobiles, HUGE mosquitoes, and taconite on icy roads... and if you understand all of that, then you also know what a "pot licker" is...

  8. As a conservative, I won't be voting for Palin. Sure, she's "ok", but I truly believe our elected leaders need a higher IQ than she possesses.
  9. Oh, BS. You don't know her IQ.

    And even if you knew, IQ is not as important as other things.

    Obama's probably has an IQ of 120 or more... and he intends to DESTROY AMERICA! Isn't that fucking great... we elected a smart man to fuck us all...

    Damn, Ivo... sometimes you seem pretty smart... other times you come off as dumb as a box of rocks.
  10. Oh great, Ivo... you say something stupid... somebody calls you on it, then you direct the thread to "Politics and Religion" where people won't see it...
    #10     Mar 22, 2010