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    Any recommandation about where I could find the planned economic statistics for a given day or week? It is quite difficult to trade during stat releases, because of volatility peaks.

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    wallstreet journal,,

    just to name a few.
  3. Good link (thanks to someone else on ET, forgot who):

    Important ones are Retail Sales, Jobless Claims (8:30 releases and before RTH, thank God);
    in RTH, Consumer Senti at 9:55, most anything that comes at 10am (home sales, ISM manufacturing, etc.), EIA Petro at 10:30 can move the market, don't think EIA Nat Gas does as much, but perhaps it will because of the cold weather.

    Most dreaded to me is Chicago PMI, there is always a spike in price/vol in ES at 9:42 those days.

    Plenty of bill auctions on the website but I've never seen too much of a move off of them, unless US credit risk becomes a real issue :)
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    neat one Banjo, thks.

    also today at 1300 is result of 3 year auction, wednesday same time 10 year tres auction, thur 30 year bond auction results.

    PS: those are eastern times (with or without 2 or 3 feet of snow)
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    Thank you all.

    A friend of mine told me he is using a free software called "Stat Alert", that alerts him directly on his PC.

    Any experience with this software?
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    I installed the so called Stat Alert, software , designed by a company named IT-LYSE.

    A voice alarm alerted me 5 minutes and 1 minute before the US Unemployment claims. Cool, Free, and no add banner.
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