economic report released early ?

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  1. I am positive a 10 AM economic report for today May 31 was released early. That means it either had to be Factory Orders or the Chicago PMI.

    I saw the futures jump 5 points in 2 seconds around 9:59:30, from 1225 to 1230 on Nasdaq e-mini, and then the index moved the same amount on the next tick. Yet CNBC tv didn't even report getting the numbers in until about 10:00:30 which is a full one minute after the move. So much for news channels being useful.

    Thank god I exited my position with a big profit 5 minutes earlier and didn't wait until the last moment before 10 AM to get out or I would have lost half the profit.

    How common is this? Are reports often released a minute early? Or was it released after 10 AM but some insiders have inside knowledge of these reports? I never want to be in a trade when a report is released, so it bothers me that they could release them early and catch you off guard.
  2. ya I think it was early. Good reason to watch the market and not the news feed.;)
  3. You would need to get a squawk box. They would report the news as soon as the floor finds out.
  4. OK, so how early do these reports soemtimes get released? One minute early? 2 minutes? 5 minutes? What is the earliest early release you have ever seen?
  5. A squawk box would not have helped today. The move was instant, from 1225 to 1230 before you could have even moved your mouse into the correct position on the screen for a trade. All that would do is confirm what you already suspected had happened.

    So the damage would have already been done. I just don't want to have a position at all when those 10 AM reports get released. So it is distressing that they would release the numbers early sometimes, you can't count on them.

    Don't these guys that release these reports have a watch?
  6. with the spooz can here the noise(news)...but i think news is out before actual release(insiders)...sometimes they react 1 or 2 min after release....
  7. The most valuable commodity is information. - Gordon Gekko
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    There was no exact time today for the numbers except that it would be between 0945 and 1000..
  9. I've seen numbers come out the day before by mistake lol.
  10. why between 9:45? the michigan sentiment came out at 9:45 today, but I don't see how that has anything to do with the 10 AM reports.

    Are you basically saying any 10 AM report might be released as early as 9:45?
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