Economic Prosperity Has Never Been So Poor

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  3. Employee to company president wage ratio is more of a symptom of cheap money looking for better returns. This is bound to cause problems for those who don't have access to cheap money, or who have access until it "runs out" c.f. GFC.

    Once the helicopter money/socialism for the rich problem is solved, people can live closer to their means as opposed to outside of them as they have to now. It isn't a coincidence that the feds rate in 1985, 1990s where people were most optimistic coincided with high-ass interest rates.



    Who is benefitting from the low interest rates? It's not We, The People.
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    Sorry but young couples live way out of their means. They don’t have discipline. They buy what they want when they want it.

    They are making way more money than I did when young. Way more. I watch them go out and eat. Kids get any dish they want regardless of price..or they scream if they don't then waste they it and don’t even eat it. To this day my wife and myself split ribeyes. I don’t like wasting food.

    People are head over heels in debt because they cannot control their urges to buy. They have become like the politicians...wasteful and now they want socialism to make up for their foolishness. They will be sorry.....
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    Poorly written article. The article title which should be changed to something like "Why Debt Is Becoming A Big Problem". The author needs to look up the meaning of the word Socialism, since nowhere in the article are any real socialist issues mentioned.
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  7. The wealth disparity in the US is at all time highs despite young people as a generation being perhaps the most capable innovative group on record. It won't be long before the entitled baby boomer generation ages out into retired or semi-retired pensioners ( or simply just dies ) and their opinions will mean nothing anymore. I suspect the newer generations will change a lot of things about your country for the better.

    Trump in many ways is like the last symbol of everything wrong with America, kind of that last kick in the head to remind everyone what has to change. And it's not what Trump and his core supporters think has to change; turning back the clock to the 1950s is insanity.
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    Funny thing even socialists love capitalistic stock and futures markets as long as they are winning....LOL..let em lose and suddenly they are the victims....
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    I like how, hes giving up on writing, at 1:20

  10. I tell you the Jews had the right idea with the debt jubilee
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