Economic News Sources

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortseller, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. Does any1 here use a new squawk box (not the s&p) 4 news and economic numbers, or what is a good source 4 economic numbers on the fly thanks in advance.
  2. Alcoe80


    Bloomberg and FirstCall.

    If you don't have a spare $5,000 a month, CNBC gets it as fast as anybody.
  3. Seven


    Market News International for fixed income, economic, or currency data.

    They'll give you a free 30 day trial.
  4. If they don't happen to be on a commercial break.
  5. thnx 4 using the minimal amount of ASCII chars req'd to get ur point aX! h8 2 waste b/wdth
  6. A whopping $9.95/mo for realtime. Slightly behing Bloomberg et al but at a considerably lower price.