Economic/Market Outlook: Job losses not good

Discussion in 'Economics' started by 1flyfisher, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. What do you think of the economy/markets?

    I think The economy stinks and looks to get worse and to last longer than many expected. I think the market needs a good selloff///capitulation and I think we will get it. How big the sell off we shall see.

    Morgan Shut down home equity lines of credit. Credit is certainly tight and that won't help the economy.
    Credit cards are maxed or will be soon and there will be many defaults. People can't pay their bills and are foreclosing on homes at historic levels. Credit cards and other loans/auto will put more pressure on financials. The financials have a lot more problems to come.
    How much can the fed and gov't do? How many co's can they bail?
    Consumers won't be spending much in the next retail cycle.
    GM and Ford are hurting and will have big losses.
    Earnings suck.
    Fannie Freddie Indymac countrywide Thornburg etc.
    AIG and so many co's and sectors suck.
    The builders are not building or selling.
    Earnings suck and many co's are struggling with huge losses.

    Economy Stinks
    Markets need a wash out.
    I think we go down from here. Why we aren't down further is a surprise.
    Well that's what I see. What is next is never certain. Support isn't far away and I think will be tested.

    Happy Trades