Economic insight from an insider ... ???

Discussion in 'Economics' started by unretired, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. OK.

    Some of you are pretty sharp on the board and well researched.
    Some of you are believers and have the ability to discern what is true.

    Some may flame ... but for the most part this guys info completely
    corroborates what I have discovered from independent sources.

    I ran across this guy some 4-5 years ago and watched a few minutes of his material and decided then ... he is legit.

    I know the interviewer ... (Have directly challenged their organization and know numbers of their "guests" personally.)

    There are 9 sections in this Vid series.

    Thoughts ??

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  2. He has some interesting ideas and I plan to watch a few more of his videos on YouTube. However, the skeptic in me is saying:

    "Sounds like he has a few brand new DVDs to sell."

    "Why would 'elitists' who control the world tell their secrets to someone who then sells them on DVDs?"

    "Why would 'elitists' want to start a profitable world war that would likely turn the world in which they live into a nuclear wasteland?'

    There are also a lot comments on-line that claim he is a fraud.

  3. I completely understand your skepticism.
    Things he has said prior to events have happened consistently.
    He pleads for people to copy and give away his DVD's

    He doesn't do any of it for the money or notoriety.

    I take things like this and put them on the back shelf and see if independent sources verify.

    Well for me they have sufficiently and substantially on over 70% of what he has to say.

    Some to me feels it might be dis-information.
  4. there probably will be war with iran but is as much their own fault for building bombs.
  5. This guy sounds like a joke.
  6. You know I thought this was all conspiracy hype a few years ago. Then I read The Creature from Jekyll Island, watched the videos on you tube etc. Then you watch and evaluate videos by Aaron Russo where he talks about Rockefellers and the IRS. Then you look at Council on Foreign Relations, once headed up by evil dick, our former VP Dick Cheney. We have realized that the Iraq war was a scam, even Robert Baer, former CIA employee sationed in the Middle East says so.

    Now you take Alex Jones, he has some valid points, but he can be just as damn extreme as the people whom say he is wing nut.

    I don't believe there is much difference between Republicans and Democrats, not much. One gives a few more crumbs to the rich and the other to the poor.

    So having watched a couple of Lindsey's video sure it's possible. As mentioned though he is trying to sell his DVD set for $100.
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  8. Ok now that I watched part 2 and 3 so much fire and brimstone. Jones on the Bilderberg Group is very interesting.