Economic impact of possible attack on Iran

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  1. Journalist: U.S. planning for possible attack on Iran

  2. Who would US use for soldiers? Senior citizens? Bring back the other Vietnam vets not yet in Iraq?
  3. The URL beginning with "" should have been your first tip off to total BS. Here is the link.....

    Come on now....we are not going to invade Iran...we are just going to go blow up some bad $hit...or maybe we should just let Iran keep developing nuclear weapons capabilities right in the middle of central asia!

    Actually, the U.S. has had numerous Iran military contingency plans all the way back to the Carter days (just incase the soviets ever tried to move in after they had invaded Afghanistan)....
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  5. Well, the "ratings" at CNN speak for themselves.........most viewers think their programing is BS.....sorry those damn facts are smacking you right in the head again.

    BTW, this "the U.S. or Israel" attacking the Iranian nuclear weapons program facilities is a two year old some research. The U.S. will definitely take out any Iranian type facility if they continue to pursue their nuclear program (old news guys), so in the mean time the press is "used" to float these type of stories to continue the different levels of pressure on the Iranian mullah government to play ball.....during their nuclear development program negotiations. This is also a geopolitical play with Putin in Russia.......Russia is a major part/player of this Iranian nuclear weapons facility dance that is taking place at this time in the world.

    Hey CNN, your story is two years old......get with the program!
  6. What would be the economic impact if the Iranian mullah government came out one year from now and said, "we have developed and fielded several nuclear armed Shahab-3 and Shahab-5 missiles and we are warning the US and Israel to stay out of are help us Allah"!

    Yeah then the world would just be fine..........LOL! :eek:

  7. well i have a novel idea why don't we quit fucking with all these countries and they won't have to saber rattle.
  8. Yea its perfectly clear that if we just sit back and do nothing the world will be one big happy and peaceful place.
  9. You know, life would be very easy if it was really all that simple.....another one who needs a FULL education on the realities in the middle east. Well, most likely you will all learn one day the hard unfortunate.
  10. What Israel wants Israel gets...

    lesson over
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