Economic Enslavement in 50 Years - We Thank You B of A!!!

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  1. boo hoo hoo

 taxpayers dont pay a penny of the bailout
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  2. lol. so if we all believed in a talking snake none of this would have happened?
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  3. Damn.....I knew it!!! Your psychologically reactive response left you wide open with your biased skewed improper perceptions!!! :eek:
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  4. Dude you are missing the point! I did not say in my thread that the credit card usage was the only or main REASON we are in our current state of affairs??? I was merely thanking B of A for one very factual negative aspect of the american families current economic reality!!!

    Now that numerous OTHER factors have blown out our economy, the american families are left even more vulnerable to these affects as a result of their personal debt....very simple. Americans are WEAKER to fight through the current economic environment thanks to their improper debt to income levels.....PERIOD!!! :cool: The ACCEPTANCE of debt has PROVED to be a very destructive reality for many as we face tough economic times (for whatever reasons you think the economy failed....separate issue or is it??? :) )
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  5. Remember when people bought things on "lay away"?
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  6. No....I stated the FACT that americans moved away from mentalities and actions they lived by before, which had limited their involvement with debt at the personal level. The moving away from the religious based beliefs in regards to personal debt has PROVEN to be a massive economic FAILURE for families.......belief in GOD or no GOD has nothing to do with this FACT! Following biblical beliefs about debt worked before and moving away from those beliefs over time has caused FAILURE.....very simple! :cool:

    I am very sorry for some, teachings of the bible have proven correct! Not my fault!!! :)
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  7. Yes I do....buying items without paying interest makes financial sense!
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  8. bravo from me Excellent
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