Economic Enslavement in 50 Years - We Thank You B of A!!!

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  1. In 1958 Bank of America issued one of the very first credit cards called the "BankAmericard". Since 1958 and the movement of American families away from savings and into debt (unbiblical and against many americans religions at the time!) we have had some DRAMATIC negative affects in this country.

    Americans moving into a life of over consumption and ever growing ratios of debt to income has created some undeniable negative byproducts. The citizenry with ever increasing debt based spending created the situation to have a financial need (now building debt with their new credit instruments) for the woman of the house to move into the work force.......sorry kids!!! Yes, the family shifted their priorities away from a more directed daily involvement with their own children to a broken priority of getting the mom into the work force to enable debt payments and unneeded consumption......sorry kids!

    One car families would no longer work, so the need for a second vehicle came into play mixed with additional debt and yearly expenses. More clothes were needed for the second income in the family, and new spending such as daycare and fast food moved into families budgets now that mom was going to work each day and coming home tired.

    While parents decided to proxy off their required interactions with their children to the television, they were also conned into expanding debt based consumption through this same media. The televisions daily psychological barrage of improper financial activities, and glamorized consumption competition, increased the separation between the citizens current actions and their once upheld biblical teachings. The use of debt was made "hip" and competition against each other for the best of the block consumer items became our norms. Brainwashed americans both men and women were easily directed into overspending and excess with almost no fight.

    We should all take a moment to look back 50 years to the credit card of 1958, and realize how destructive just a small piece of plastic was to the foundation of behavior which once sustained a great country........Thank You again Bank of America, your masters plans were successful, you should be proud!!! :(
  2. Blah blah blah.....globalist blah blah...

    No one is forcing your retarded ass to go in debt.

    Do the kids need soccer, piano, swimming, tennis, etc etc etc lessons?


    Wife wants a gas guzzling SUV?


    wife wants a large house she won't maintain and then wants to hire a housekeeper?


    wife wants to spend all day shopping and you have to hire a baby sitter?


    Tell your wife to stop buying chinese made junk.

    wife is too lazy to cook and wants to eat out every meal?


    instead of planting stupid non productive trees and plants in the garden, grow food. grow tomatoes herbs, carrots etc.

    get her into the kitchen. cook fresh and healthy and cut back on family illness.

    wife needs cable to watch her daily soaps.


    kids need expensive video games


    give them a book.

    You want to go play with the hookers and dancers every Friday night with your buddies?


    kids want you to take them and their friends every weekend to the movies.


    give them a book.

    Getting out of debt is about the easiest thing anyone can accomplish.

    just say no to all the stupid and inane things called american culture.

    If your wife did all the above, your family would save so much money you could live a full and healthy life with only one family wage earner working part time.
  3. No.....let the culturally destructive, non biblical, and socialist directed GOVERNMENT influenced programs take care of your dumbed down children in the PUBLIC shcools!!! :mad: ......all while mommy and daddy are at work to pay off debt for depreciating assets!!! :eek:

    Yes, blah, blah, blah mentalities PROVED not to be effective against the globalist agenda.....the PROOOF is EVERYWHERE around you now.....The BLAH, BLAH, BLAH's already LOST the arguement!!! :cool:
  4. bank of america is one of the most crooked companies in existence.
  5. Bravo!
  6. ....and just like the CONNED war on drugs game.....the "just say NO" method has PROVEN to FAIL. Looking the other way to our economic and cultural realities with a celebration of "just say NO" is a pathetic and miserable sad. :(
  7. Excellent post but there is one detail that is missing besides "wanting" too much. That minor detail is inflation. Prices of goods and services have crept up to the point where one wage earner (full-time) cannot cover the monthly expenses, requiring mom to go and get a job. Mom gets a job and it creates excess income. What do families do with that excess income? Spend it of course. Spending is pleasurable and it creates the thirst for more spending and that's where credit cards come in. It has been a domino effect that started with inflation. Unfortunately, it's not going to change anytime soon because now families need that additional paycheck to pay down their debt. If and when that happens America may go back to becoming a more family oriented society. Emphasis on the word, may.

  8. I fully agree....the increased liquidity did result in inflation moving in the wrong direction. In 20 short years, by only the late 70's during the carter administration inflation had spiked to shocking levels.
  9. I wish I could find a CD that paid 15%! I'd lock that in for as long as the bank would allow!:D
  10. Yes....for many americans that 15% on $2,000 in their savings would be blasted away by the 15% on their mortgage! :eek:

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