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  1. It seems there are a lot of people asking for economics information here, which is great. I think the forum should have an element of knowledge sharing. I was wondering if you I should put up some posts on free books on the internet, theories, schools of thought, macroeconomists etc. So that people can have the access to resources if they want to learn.

    What do you think, should I do this? Is there an objection?
  2. Do you want to discuss physical economics?
  3. macroeconomics.
  4. Physical economics is an area of economics that aims to study the economy along the lines of natural science, specfically physics.
  5. Yes I know. It is one school of thought in macroeconomics, it would be included. The original post states there would be references to schools of thought so it would be one of them and the key topics would be stated for reference and research. If you think that is a good idea you could suggest some areas of key interest of concepts in that school and that would be posted on there. This way people can learn more about economics and quickly rather than having to read irrelevant or poor material.

    We could do it in different ways. We could put one thread up with the schools and links. Or we could do one school or link a week or month etc. This way people could learn progressively. What do you think. It would expand peoples awareness like a course but at home. The posters can help out and teach each other as there is wide skill bases here.

    What do you think?
  6. Great idea.
  7. good. now which way do you want to do it. one thread with posts. or a thread on each school?
  8. It would be more efficient to have a thread with segment but each thread would need a control.
  9. When you say control, what do you mean? Do you mean so that the posts are not irrelevant.

    I am a mod so I can deal with that.

    There needs to be a curriculum.

    Any suggestions on what to cover.

    My thoughts.


    neo classical.





    neo ricardian.



    rational expectations.

    adaptive expectations.

    physical economics.

    positive normative economics.

    marxism. ( I don't know if I should put this).

    There are some others but these are the key ones. Any further suggestions. I would also like to do some on important topics like central banking and finance.

    Each thread should start with Edu then followed by the number.Edu1(classical), Edu2(neo classical) etc. This way we can use it to reference and people can search when asking for information.

    Each thread should contain the key concepts by name, then some links, relevant literature, key thinkers by name, relevant think tanks. Then it is discussed. This way people can look, read and comment on the topic. Also if there are questions answers can be given.
  10. Great list.
    I meant one person should try to play point for each thread to keep it focused.
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