Economic development & Social Sector Development

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Jasmin from UEA, UK. I'm an undergraduate student majoring in Econ and my professor asked me to write a paper on "Economic development not dependent on social sector development", I was thinking about the social development taken place in Africa such as South Africa where the social development has failed to stop ppl from infecting with AIDS, and as well as the economic failure in Zimbabwe. Any examples you guys can think of ? Any suggestions on how I should approach this topic? Thanks in advance !


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  2. No such thing.

    To wit:

    "We are doing God's work"


    What would Lloyd Do?

    The end.

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  3. I'm a bit confused. Are you writing a paper about economic development and how it has not helped people socially?

    If that is the case you would be wise to look into gentrification. When middle class developers build a place up and move poorer people out of the area creating more poverty in the process. This would indicate economic development can create problems rather than solve them in certain situations. A good example of that is places like Nottinghill in london or soho in New York, or the Meat Packing District.

    Was that helpful?

    Thanks for the picture.
  4. no, theory is, without social delvelopment there can be no economic developement.

    They've studied this quite a bit in the field of health. When they get right down to the nitty gritty it is almost impssible to tell if certain diseases were wiped out by medicine or just eliminated from a higher standard of living (usually clean water.)

    kind of a trick chicken first or egg question

    Do you know of any poor people that became rich without social developement?
  5. No but I know of lots of people who became poor because someone else wanted their land and took it in the name of social development.

    I still think the OP's request is unclear. Why not let her come back and say which answer is most helpful and perhaps shows some more pictures at the same time.
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  8. ah, you English are always good for a laugh

    but getting back to Mr. Jasmins question, would it be possible to create a vibrant economy just by buidling schools and roads and hospitals and drivers liscence branches?

    Believe it or not, back then they asked this question in grade school back in the good old USA. A few of us said yes and then went on to invent perpetual motion machines.

    Wouldn't it be nice if it was that simple?

    Show me a resource, and I will exploit it, and even if you didn't need shoes before I got there, you will have them (and probably need them) when I leave.
  9. Define the variables.

    Economic development: rise of the textile industry in the North or the expansion of the US economy in general from the cheap cotton produced in the South

    Social development or lack thereof: slavery or the socioeconomic standing of African Americans in the South during this time period

    Start with the role of cheap cotton from the South and how it produced economic growth not only in the South but also in the North (think northern textile mills). You will be citing foreign producers of cotton and how cheap southern cotton gave america a competitive advantage.

    The slavery issue should focus on, if any, improvements in the standing of these people during the economic boom.
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