Economic Data on Wed, Retail/Home Data Tomorow - More critical than usual

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  1. Watch those numbers tomorrow and especially Wednesday.

    I do believe Target (the retailer) is the canary in the coal mine for the middle class consumer, and that their earnings warning is bad ju-ju for the the numbers that will come tomorrow on the retailers. We'll see if I'm right.

    Durable goods data on Wednesday will also be critical.

    These datum will be determinative of whether selling in May and going away is a prudent course, IMHO.

    (I am not predicting a correction, or the dates thereof, etc., but am speaking in generalities regarding the health and likely performance of the U.S. equity markets in the short term based on the upcoming data)

    7:45 am
    10 am
    10 am

    8:30 am
    8:30 am
    8:30 am United States
    Retail chain index
    Existing home sales
    Consumer confidence

    8:30 am
    10 am
    10:30 am
    2 pm

    United States
    Durable goods orders
    New home sales
    Energy Dept. oil stocks
    Fed beige book
  2. Middle class? WTF are u talking about? There is no middle class anymore. Everyone pretty much falls into 2 categories now:

    1.) The upper class (has a positive liquid net worth and little if no debt).

    2.) The poor (this is where people think they are in the middle class). However, considering that you don't really own your overvalued home or your SUV(s) in the driveway, and your loaded on credit card debt, I would say your a net negative on liquidating value which pretty much means your worse off than the poor.
  3. Hmm, when I was in college, I was taught the following...

    below middle class

    lower middle class
    average middle class
    upper middle class

    lower upper class
    average upper class
    upper upper class

    Hey, what do those clowns in NYU know anyway.