Economic Data Deviation

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    Good Day all,

    I know alot has been written about trading economic releases but does anyone know anything about the deviations some traders use to buy or sell. For instance if consensus is 50 they will buy if above 75 and sell if below 35 or not do anything.

    If you have info on this or know where I can find info on this I would appreciate it.


  2. I am afraid to say you may be getting into an an area that is not freely shared. But I could be wrong...every once in a while there is some "gems of a thread" in ET. Let's hope for the best.

    One solution might be to start your own Trading Journal and use a three ring binder. Buy some separators at the stationary store and break your binder into a section for each report and build your history and observe the MAE and MFE reactions to the news, with your selected pair. (you could essentially discover your own private world of riches to be made)

    Note what happens on a surprise...note what happens on an increase or decrease and observe longer term trend... Also..I would like to share something...I do not want to say too much as I really do not know yet...but watch what is happening before the news....

    As a successfuil trader knows, the main attribute that will carry you through are your observation skills. Why do you think some of us dummy's (me included) take so long to memorize patterns.....if it were so easy we would all be rich and the banks would be poor...

    Retail traders do not have Bloomberg Terminals or Stevie Cohens red phone...We must make money the HARD WAY...

    Michael B.